These days more and more people do not carry cash and this has led to extremely high numbers of repeat callback requests for payment so in yet another attempt to combat this we have now invested in CARD READERS to carry with us on the job. This method does carry a small transaction fee that goes to the company that processes the payment for us which is added on top of the bill but this is still a lot less than other companies out there, its just a few pence.

We have now been using this method for a few weeks now and its proving to be of great help to us so if this is a preferred method of payment for you then please prompt a member of staff on the job.


West Wirral Jetwash

5 Comments on “** NEW PAYMENT METHOD **

  1. Hi there I paid online to have my bin cleaned but nobody came and cleaned it. The bin will be getting emptied again on Tuesday morning 18th Sep. Could you come and do it Tuesday please before I start to fill it again.

    • Hi Heather, because you booked late on the Monday for cleaning on the Tuesday (next day) it was just too short notice to create an account for you and get it onto the rounds so it falls on to the next available date which will be 18th September.. There was also a little confusion between booking and payment, your booking requested monthly cleaning but your payment was for Fortnightly Cleaning. Please let us know which service you wish to book in for regular cleaning, Thanks

    • Hi Jane, yes the payment section on this site is powered by Paypal. If you are looking to do direct Paypal payment then text the mobile number for the Prenton office and we will send you the details for that. Thanks

  2. Thanks for your service. We find you very efficient and professional. Merry Christmas to you all.

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