Collection Charges – Explained

.. From August 2019 we will be introducing a ‘Collection Charge’ of £0.50p to all customer accounts that require the 3rd call back or more to pay for each clean. Over the years we have invested all kinds of methods of payment to help customers pay their bills and “move with the times” from the introduction of online website payments to PayPal and even more recently in the last few years mobile card readers so customers can pay at the door via card, phone and now watch!.. This all costs us but not half as much as it does to run the evening payment collections in wages & fuel to have three vans physically driving around for 3hrs each night going from door to door collecting payments. We will continue to run these collections as a lot of people do still prefer to pay cash but only the first two calls for payment will be included in the price of cleaning (First being at the time of clean, second being later that evening between 5:30pm – 8pm), after those there will be a charge of £0.50p to help cover the extra expense to run those extra collections.

This charge is easily avoided though, we understand a lot of customers work during the day and sometimes don’t get home until late evening but there are many methods around this for payment.

  • Leave payment in a secret place for collection – under a plant pot, door mat etc
  • Take advantage of our advanced payment deals – these aren’t just online deals as many believe, these can be paid cash at the time of cleaning too and they cover months of cleaning at a time at a discounted price!
  • Direct debit/standing order – a simple bank set up to pay into our account on bin day every fortnight! Simply message us for details.
  • Online payment – after you receive our note through your door to say we missed you for payment go online and pay your bill.

Any issues please do contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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