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If you would like to sign up for a regular cleaning service with us today, please feel free to fill in the contact form below.

Thank You,

Once your booking is recieved we will add you to our service list straight away and begin cleaning from the day of your next green bin collection. Please do not be concerned if we do not confirm booking straight away, a busy times it can take a few days.


Misuse of this booking form to desperately get a “One Off” clean will not be tolerated, Forced “One Off” cleans from the company are charged at £15 per bin, it takes 5x times the time, water & fuel to deep clean a bin for the very first time so this “one off” price reflects that. It’s also not fair to our regular customers who have supported our family company for over 20yrs.

Telephone Bookings can be made to:

Rock Ferry Office: 0151 644 7414
Mobile (Dave): 07739 800865

Prenton Office: 0151 200 2292
Mobile (Ben): 07540 298965

(We advise giving the mobile number a text/call on weekdays as it will go through to one of our vans on the job and get you a much faster response)



3 Comments on “Book Here

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  2. Hello, I am considering booking for a fortnightly clean – I was wondering how it would work with the green and grey bin, for example would the green be cleaned, then a fortnight later the grey then the following fortnight the green again?


    • Hi Lee,
      Please note that we can only offer grey bin cleaning service to certain areas due to our vans being out cleaning green bins daily but if in an area that is ok for both the green would be cleaned fortnightly after each waste collection and the grey would be cleaned every 4wks, after every other waste collection, we follow the bin men.


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