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Royden Park Wheelie Bin Cleaning Hotel


Over the many years that we have been cleaning wheelie bins in the Wirral area, we have slowly reached out to most parts of the peninsula but there are still a few areas that we are unable to cover, if your area is not listed below please do not hesitate to still contact us, we will simply find another friendly and trusted bin cleaner that does cover that area and even contact them on your behalf to arrange cleaning.

  • Eastham
  • Bromborough
  • Spital
  • Port Sunlight
  • Bebington
  • Higher Bebington ezgif.com-optimize
  • Rock Ferry
  • Willaston
  • Tranmere
  • Prenton
  • Oxton
  • Noctorum
  • Beechwood (Limited Availability – Direct Debit Only)
  • Irby
  • Heswall
  • Gayton
  • Thingwall
  • Pensby
  • Caldy
  • West Kirby
  • Newton
  • Frankby ezgif.com-optimize(1)
  • Greasby
  • Saughall Massie
  • Hoylake
  • Meols
  • Moreton
  • Upton
  • Wallasey
  • New Brighton
  • Poulton
  • Seacombe
  • Little Neston
  • Park Gate
  • Neston

Most of the areas listed above are part of Wirral Borough Council, the main council and bin crews that we follow day in day out. For areas such as Neston, Park Gate and Willaston that are slightly over the Wirral/Cheshire border, they are part of Cheshire Council. These are the only parts of Cheshire we are able to cover unfortunately as we happen to be close to the border on the days of bin collection.

We DO NOT cover the Ellesmere Port area and unfortunately do not know the areas bin cleaners well enough to recommend. Apologies 🙁

Birkenhead North

Due to the way the bin rounds and daily borders changed when our general waste bins moved from weekly collections to fortnightly collections it changed the way we had to work too, as we follow the bin men each day this dictated our daily work and forced some days to be over capacity so we had to let some areas go in order to concentrate our efforts on the main bulky areas of the custom base, leaving the other cleaners to take over.

On that Friday when green wheelie bins are emptied we cover from the Upton Rd/Vyner Rd (inc. the Eleanor Rd/Broadheath housing estate) Roundabout Bidston, to Claughton & the Seacombe/Liscard area.

Feel free to give us a call though if unsure, even if we can’t do your bin we can help you find one that we would recommend. 👍


10 Comments on “Areas We Cover

  1. Hi,
    I’m looking for regular waste bin cleaning in Parkgate, Neston.
    Could you please tell me if you cover my area? Any help would be very greatly appreciated, thank you,
    Julie Stone

    • Hi Julie, Yes, we do cover the Parkgate/Neston area. If you would like to use the online booking form we can get you on our books for your next general waste collection and take it from there.
      Kind regards,

  2. Hi, is it possible we could arrange for a one-off clean of 8 bins.. I live in prenton?


  3. Hello, do you cover New Ferry too? Which days do you travel to the area if so?

  4. You too the 2 quid I think on March 13th 2 brook meadow but you didn’t clean the bin !i no longer require your services

    • Hi Victoria, all telephone numbers on this site are in working order, I know this as I’m still dealing with the high number of calls from new customers today. Im so sorry you have not been satisfied with the bin cleaning service you have received but unfortunately you have contacted the wrong company, whilst we do work in the area you live we do not actually clean your bin. However if you would like to give me a call on 07540 298965 I will help point you in the direction of the company you wish to cancel with.
      Kind regards

  5. Hi again Victoria, furthermore to you other comment on the site in regards to our phone lines not working, all of our phone lines took several call from the following number 0739****629 but when we answered the call it was silent for roughly 10 seconds before the call was ended, several of us also returned the call and the recipient answered but again it was met with silence. One of the mobiles then sent a text to the number explaining the problems we were having but again met with no reply. Would this be yourself? I’ve done the checks on times and all calls were received around the time you commented on our website.

  6. Hi I’m hoping you’re the company that washes my bin in Grosvenor road Hoylake? I didn’t put my bin out for emptying this morning

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