Special Offers


We offer all kinds of ‘Special Offers’ here at West Wirral Jetwash Services, most of which are seasonal so please do call back regularly to get the best deals.




paid-stamp5x Cleans for £10 (10 weeks of cleaning)
10x Cleans for £20 (20 weeks of cleaning)

This offer gives give 1x FREE CLEAN per £10 paid in advance, a little thank you from us for making our day go a little easier and overall saving us time and fuel on evening call backs.
(Offer applies only to those signed up to a fortnightly service)


– GREY BIN CLEANING SERVICE (subject to availability)

logo-silver-wheelie-bin-M20519Since the introduction of the grey recycling bin on the Wirral we have been asked many times if we have a grey bin cleaning service available and until late 2013 we did not. Due to the way in which wirral’s bin collections work we are in a different area of Wirral cleaning green bins each day in our 14 day cycle but we have now managed to free up some of our facilities on certain days to provide a grey cleaning service to a few areas of Wirral.
This service is charged at £2.50 and is a monthly service in order to open the service up to as many existing customers as possible and again ran on a ‘first come first served’ basis, please call to check availability if interested or speak with one of the cleaners on their next visit.

(Please note: this service is only available to existing customers and to be ran as an extra service on top of your current green bin cleaning service)

8 Comments on “Special Offers

  1. I’d like to book my grey bin for monthly clean please.
    64 st John’s rd, ch62 0bw


  2. Hi guys, I received your leaflet this week for grey bin clean. Please could I receive this service along side my existing green bin service? thank you. Address is 21 Handford Ave CH62 8DA.


    • Hi Caroline, if you can just scan to the top of this page you will find “book a clean” on the menu bar, that will give you the booking form to fill in where you can select required service etc and privately submit your address. Put in the comments that you would like to enquire about the grey service too and once we have your address we will check availability for your area.
      Have a lovely weekend,


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