Evening Collections

Bin Cleaning Leaflet through door

– Evening Collections –

Evening collections for our Wheelie Bin Washing Service are designed for those who are not available for payment during working hours, however, these collections do cost the company a lot of extra money in fuel & wages so only the first evening callback after cleaning is free, after that there may be a small charge of 50p added to your bill to help reclaim some of the expense used to revisit…

While this may seem unfair to those who do need multiple call-backs before they can make a payment, Please let me explain… Since day one we have run we the evening collections for our bin washing service. However, when we started in 1998 we charged £2.00 per clean, Fuel was 60p p/l, the minimum wage was £3.60 per hour and a ’99’ Ice Cream was 99p! Now in 2022, our price is from £2.50 per clean, a very minor increase over 20 years. However, the cost of fuel is now as much as £1.99 p/l and the minimum wage is £9.18 p/h. As a result, the cost of evening collections for our wheelie bin washing service can become very expensive, especially when we get told to call back again and again, resulting in our efforts being wasteful.

Moving with the times… 

Over the past two decades, a lot has changed in terms of technology and the way we pay for services. We can now pay for services online, via phone (Apple/Android Pay), Via card, Paypal and even Facebook! And we are no different. We have moved with the times and made all these extra payments features available to the customer so paying for your bin wash is a piece of cake!

See the calendar below for an up to date live collection schedule telling you where we are and when, if you think you may have missed us please call one of the mobile numbers below to go straight through to the van covering your area. If you have missed us we may only be in the next road and can come back.

Mobile for Prenton Office:

Call Ben – 07540 298965


Mobile for Rock Ferry Office:

Call Rachel – 07739 800865

…Avoid the callback altogether by clicking here and choosing your preferred online payment method..

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