Price List



£2.50   Per Clean / Per Fortnight  –  (1x Green Bin)

£4.00   Per Clean / Per Fortnight  –  (2x Green Bins, Cleaned Same Day)

A must for the average family household, our fortnightly bin cleaning service will see your bin deep cleaned shortly after each and every waste collection before then being returned to your property and from off the curb side.


£3.00   Per Clean / Per Month  –  (1x Green Bin)

£5.00   Per Clean / Per Month  –  (2x Green Bins, Cleaned Same Day)

Popular with our more senior citizens and single households this regular 4 weekly service is perfect for those who don’t always fill their bin each week or have very little waste.. Please note this is a 4 weekly service, we will clean your bin after every other waste collection so every 28 days, some months will see your bin cleaned twice.


£2.50   Per Clean  / Per Month  –  (1x Grey Bin)

This service has very limited spaces available as most days all staff and vehicles are out cleaning the green general waste bins but on certain days we do have one of our vans take on a set number of regular greys once a month.

Please enquire with a member of staff for an availability update.

– ONE OFF CLEANING SERVICE – (We don’t offer one!!)

= £15.00   Per Bin / Per Clean  –  (1x Green/Grey/Brown Bin)

This obviously seems pointless listing but needs to stand as a warning to anybody who is so desperate to get their bin cleaned that they are thinking of signing up for regular cleaning with the intention of cancelling the service shortly after.. This will not be tolerated and seen as a forced “One Off” service from the company and therefore priced as above, The average first time clean takes 5x longer than that of a regularly cleaned bin so that’s 5x more water, 5x more cleaning product & 5x more fuel, the above price reflects that plus a company profit. We are a small family company and value the loyalty of our regular customers.. We do not offer “One Off’s”.



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