More Availability In Willaston.


Over the years we have only been able to dedicate a few hours to the Willaston area of Wirral due to an overload of work in the Bebington/Prenton areas that share the same collection day as Willaston but we have now added an extra van to our team which means we can now spend more time in the area and take a larger number of customers on. We estimate that we can comfortably increase our round in Willaston by roughly 50 customers but once those spaces are filled we will have to stop as the van will still be needed else where in the afternoon.

Please note that over the years we have received a lot of enquiries from Willaston so these places will be filled quickly, use the sites booking page or call to secure your place on our round. Sooner rather than later is better.


West Wirral Jetwash.

Keep on at us! 


Hi all,

We are currently taking high volumes of phone calls from new customers wishing to use our services, so much so that we have had to introduce another van to our team to help relieve some of the stress and lighten the load ready for expansion. If you have not had you bin cleaned by 5pm on the day it is emptied please give us a quick call on our mobile number, this will come through to us on the job, we clean over 250 bins every day and aswel as our route being in the hands of bin men we can also be slowed by the introduction of new customers and ‘first cleans’.

However, if you are a new customer and we have not turned up to clean your bin, please give us a call to make sure we have not misplaced your address, whilst this has nothing like this has happened so far it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage such high numbers of calls, texts & emails so don’t get missed out, if we have made a mistake we will come back to you.

Hope you all understand & thank you for your continued custom over the years.

West Wirral Jetwash

Our Evening Collection Timetable


Evening collections are always ran on the same week your green wheelie bin is cleaned and emptied, Over the 2 week period we cover the whole of the Wirral area so our Evening Collections need to be ran to a strict schedule.


Time: 17:30 – 20:00

Collection Timetables | Week 1:

Monday: Eastham, Bromborough, Port Sunlight (Bolton Rd East)

Tuesday: Bebington, Higher Bebington, Spital

Wednesday: Eastham, bromborough, Port Sunlight (Bolton Rd East)

Thursday: Bebington, Higher Bebington, Spital

Friday: Rock Ferry, Bebington (Broadway Area), Tranmere, Prenton, Noctorum, Oxton


Time: 17:30 – 20:00

Collection Timetables | Week 2:

Monday: Gayton, Heswall, Irby, Thingwall, Pensby

Tuesday: Hoylake, Meols

Wednesday: West Kirby, Caldy, Newton

Thursday: Prenton, Woodchurch, Greasby, Upton, Moreton

Friday: Wallasey, New Brighton, Liscard, Seacombe

:: PLEASE NOTE :: From May 2015 there will be a small charge of £0.50 added for all customers who require an evening callback to help us fund fuel costs and wages needed to run them. even with this small charge we still remain the cheapest wheelie bin cleaner on Wirral and the charge can easily be avoided by taking up one of our many methods of payment. This seems the best way to avoid an overall price increase and keeping to our 15year unbeaten price.




Over the years we must have fixed hundreds of our customers bin lids because they have returned broken after collection, the breakage is simply down to the wear and tear of being dragged up and down curbs for over two decades but can easily be repaired in a few minutes. (YES! Over 20 years we have now had our wheelie bins in Wirral!)

Often if one side goes the other will follow shortly after leaving you with no bin lid, this is something you definitely don’t want for the summer months and the cost of replacing your broken wheelie bin is £37.00 from the council we believe so here is our ‘DYI FIX UP’.



1x Long Screw – 1x Bottle Cap – Screw Driver




Take your Long Screw and screw it through the Bottle Cap as pictured below..

image  image




Close Wheelie Bin Lid if not already closed and screw your new home made hinge into place, once done your bin lid will be as good as new 😉




We hope our little Fix Up blog has helped a few of you out, If it has please share so that other people can benefit from it and hopefully save on the cost of a new Wheelie Bin.

Have a Great Weekend!


West Wirral Jetwash

Wirral Tips Closed 10th April’15 | Bins May Not Be Emptied


Due to the temporary closure of Wirral’s Tips Friday 10th April 2015, some wheelie bins (grey & green) may not be emptied. If this turns out to be the case please make sure you put your bin back out Saturday morning as the bin men will revisit to finish off the work. With the tips being closed the bin men will just fill all the empty bin wagons and call it a day once they are full as they have nowhere to empty until the tip reopens.
We are still out cleaning bins even on the Saturday so please see that your bins remain accessible for us.

“Due to industrial action on Friday 10th April by staff from Veolia, who manage a number of Household Waste Disposal Centres across Merseyside, some green or grey bin collections scheduled for that day in Wirral may be delayed until Saturday.

Households whose green or grey bin is due for collection on Friday 10th April should put their bin out, as is usual practice, by 7am in the morning. If it is not collected by 5pm, they should be bring it back in overnight and present it again for collection by 7am on Saturday morning.

Garden waste collections are not affected.

All recycling centres will be open to the public from 8am – to 8pm as usual.”

Have a great weekend!

West Wirral Jetwash Services.