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Over the last year or so since starting our ‘Account update’ notification text messages, we have noticed a lot of customers with outdated details.

Given that some of our customers have been with us for 20 years this can be expected. However, it would be most appreciated if existing customers could fill out the form below, then we can check your account is up to date…

Why Do We Need Your Contact Details..?

Having a contact number for a customer means that we can provide an ‘Account Update’ each fortnight, only if we have missed you for payment. This helps the customer keep track of their bill and account. It also means that rather than paying extra in wages & fuel to call back, we can send a text message reminder to the customer from the office instead.

This can often be useful when customers reply to say they will not be home for payment that evening, choosing to leave it in a secret place for pick up instead or simply paying online. Communication is the key and can save us hundreds of pound per month. Every penny that we spend after the moment we clean your bin calling back for payment is costly. The extra fuel & wages used to run evening collections kills a large portion profit made from cleaning the bin. text message account update

As a result, it will eventually push towards a price increase to meet national wage increases, fuel prices & general inflation on the cost of supplies. Hopefully, with a larger database for text reminders and on-time payments, as a result, I’m sure this will push that price increase back for another couple of years.

The Benefits To Us Having A Point Of Contact.

A major benefit of our text update system is helping customers remember to put their bins out, especially over the holidays. Those occasions when collection days are temporarily changed. For example, Christmas and more recently when the council gave little notice to a Saturday collection. As a result, hundreds of people on the ‘Tour Of Britain‘ route missed out on their bin collection.

Using this occasion as an example, we would have sent you a reminder text the evening before collection, just to let you know that your bin needs to go out. Hundreds of customers get caught out by the Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day changes every year. With these text message reminders, we aim to reduce that dramatically and save people that dreaded journey to the tip.

Thank you very much for reading 🙂 text message account update

PLEASE NOTE – This is not a booking form for new customers wishing to join our service, its for existing customers to update their account us with their current contact details. If a new customer please fill in the BOOK HERE form found at the top of the page, It will reach us much more urgently.

We clean the bins at the back of our vans, as a result, the spray splashes towards the rear of the van. The bins are dirty and carry all manner of bacteria. This is why we use our market-leading eco-friendly disinfectant, as a result, the bacteria die. We also provide a black bin liner to all our bins, These are heavy duty. When we can we use biodegradable bags or recycled bags. We can also safely dispose of maggots, then coat your bin with a deterrent. As a result, flies will be less likely to visit your bin.

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  2. We have sold the house and will be exchanging contracts on 11Jul 23, can you continue to clean the green bin until them .

    Thank you

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