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Over the last year or so since starting our ‘Account update’ notification text messages, we have noticed a lot of customers with outdated details. Given that some of our customers have been with us for 20 years this can be expected. However, it would… Continue Reading “CUSTOMERS | PLEASE UPDATE ACCOUNT DETAILS”

The disgusting subject of maggots in bins 🤢

With a lot of customers having problems with maggots in their bins across the Wirral we decided to put this together to help. 👍 What Is a Maggot? A maggot is the larvae of a fly. In other words, a fly lays eggs which… Continue Reading “The disgusting subject of maggots in bins 🤢”

Price Change – April 2021

Price Change To Cleaning From April 5th Starting from Monday 5th April 2021 there will be a change to the price of our wheelie bin cleaning service. The change will add an additional £0.50 to the price of cleaning and bring us inline with… Continue Reading “Price Change – April 2021”


So.. ONLY the people with a usual collection day of FRIDAY for GREEN OR GREY bins will be AFFECTED by the change in collection schedule THIS YEAR as Xmas Day & New Years Day will both fall on the FRIDAY (Boxing Day on the Saturday so… Continue Reading “CHANGES TO BIN COLLECTIONS – CHRISTMAS – NEW YEAR 2020/2021”


It is easy to lose track of what week your Grey Wheelie Bin is due for cleaning. So we have put together a live rolling calendar to help customers keep track. Hope it helps 😃 BOOK GREY CLEANING SERVICE If you are an existing… Continue Reading “GREY BIN CLEANING | LIVE CALENDAR”

Covid 19 – Corona Virus update

Covid-19 Update Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service During the Covid-19 Outbreak. We are taken a lot of calls to ask whether we are still cleaning bins during COVID 19. The short answer is yes, We have had to take on extra precautions to keep ourselves… Continue Reading “Covid 19 – Corona Virus update”

Please Note – July 2019

  Everything you need to know before signing up can be found on this very website and the process is simple really, Check the areas we cover page to see if your area is listed, if it is you can then Sign Up leaving… Continue Reading “Please Note – July 2019”

Collection Charges – Explained

.. From August 2019 we will be introducing a ‘Collection Charge’ of £0.50p to all customer accounts that require the 3rd call back or more to pay for each clean. Over the years we have invested all kinds of methods of payment to help… Continue Reading “Collection Charges – Explained”

Common Dome Lid Wheelie Bin Problem | Maggots?

THE DOME LIDDED BIN AND ITS PROBLEMS Unfortunately thousands of Wirral’s residents suffer having one of these dome lid Wheelie Bin’s and endure the common Problem of maggots they often come with, including many of our customers too, they are not our favourite to… Continue Reading “Common Dome Lid Wheelie Bin Problem | Maggots?”

More Availability In Willaston.

Over the years we have only been able to dedicate a few hours to the Willaston area of Wirral due to an overload of work in the Bebington/Prenton areas that share the same collection day as Willaston but we have now added an extra… Continue Reading “More Availability In Willaston.”