More Availability In Willaston.


Over the years we have only been able to dedicate a few hours to the Willaston area of Wirral due to an overload of work in the Bebington/Prenton areas that share the same collection day as Willaston but we have now added an extra van to our team which means we can now spend more time in the area and take a larger number of customers on. We estimate that we can comfortably increase our round in Willaston by roughly 50 customers but once those spaces are filled we will have to stop as the van will still be needed else where in the afternoon.

Please note that over the years we have received a lot of enquiries from Willaston so these places will be filled quickly, use the sites booking page or call to secure your place on our round. Sooner rather than later is better.


West Wirral Jetwash.

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