Covid 19 – Corona Virus update

Covid-19 Update

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service During the Covid-19 Outbreak.

We are taken a lot of calls to ask whether we are still cleaning bins during COVID 19. The short answer is yes, We have had to take on extra precautions to keep ourselves and the public safe. As we work with bins and harmful bacteria on a daily basis, hand wash, gloves and even face protection is part of our daily routine. However, due to the current pandemic, we are now running a strict ‘zero contact’ policy when possible so we can remain active and continue to serve.

To help respect this decision we are asking all customers to pay online via our website, bank transfer or Paypal. In the few cases that this is not possible, we ask that customers leave payment in an envelope in a safe place. Another precaution introduced is disinfecting all money received on the job, eliminating any possibility of cross-contamination, Ensuring extra caution. All staff are self-isolating when not working.

…Covid-19 | May 2020, Update

Whilst lockdown is due to be relaxed in the coming days we will still be proceeding as if it hasn’t. When it comes to providing our wheelie bin cleaning service to our local community, safety is paramount!

Please stay safe and if you have any queries please just call us.

To ensure we can remain cleaning Wirral’s bins during COVID 19, Please help us by making payments online. 👍

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Maggot Control

With the warm weather of recent weeks, we have noticed an increasing level of maggots in bins. Nothing to be overly concerned about, we can safely remove them but they take much longer to deal with. As a result, along with the extra PPE and COVID 19 precautions in place right now, It’s taking us hours longer to get through the days. Double bagging any waste food or plate scraping (especially chicken) will make a huge difference, If the flies can’t smell it in the bin, they won’t lay their eggs in it! 😱🤢

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  1. Just had my bins cleaned. They do a fantastic job and the bins are gleaming and smell great. Thank you lads x

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