Grey Bin Cleaning Service

It is easy to lose track of what week your Grey Wheelie Bin is due for cleaning.

So we have put together a live rolling calendar to help customers keep track.

Hope it helps 😃


If you are an existing customer reading this and would like your grey bin cleaning. You can add this service to your account filling in the form below.


We can only assign one van and a limited amount of staff to this extra grey service. Some greys have to be cleaned the following morning after collection day. Our priority is cleaning customers green wheelie bins as these carry most harmful bacteria etc. As a result we have to fit in grey bin cleaning as and where we can. Only 25% of all our customers currently choose to have the extra grey service as well as the green. Until demand is high enough to financially accommodate the hiring of extra staff and a vehicle to solely serve customers grey bins, We will have to do it this way unfortunately. 😕

Grey Wheelie Bin Cleaning is currently offered only in the areas below.

  • Eastham
  • Bromborough
  • Spital
  • Port Sunlight
  • Bebington
  • Higher Bebington
  • Rock Ferry
  • Tranmere
  • Prenton
  • Oxton
  • Noctorum
  • Moreton
  • Upton
  • Wallasey
  • New Brighton
  • Poulton
  • Seacombe

We clean the bins at the back of our vans, as a result, the spray splashes towards the rear of the van. The bins are dirty and carry all manner of bacteria. This is why we use our market-leading eco-friendly disinfectant, as a result, the bacteria die. We also provide a black bin liner to all our bins, These are heavy duty. When we can we use biodegradable bags or recycled bags. We can also safely dispose of maggots, then coat your bin with a deterrent. As a result, flies will be less likely to visit your bin.

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